2018 Alpine Bird BioBlitz

Gray-bodied bird with dark blue/black feathers on wing and a dagger-like bill.
Living near treeline in the West, Clark's Nutcrackers are experts at ripping into pine cones, pulling out seeds, and caching them for later use.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Photo

Have your heard of bioblitzes, but never joined one? Have you wanted to get involved in citizen science, but haven't had the time? Well, here's your chance! This summer, the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center (CCRLC) is celebrating the Year of the Bird by hosting an Alpine Bird BioBlitz.

Loosely defined, a BioBlitz is an event where public participants and scientists work together to document the biodiversity of a specific location. This year, our citizen science program will work with wildlife biologists to determine the detection or non-detection of twelve alpine bird species within a specific area. The Apline Bird BioBlitz is a day-long event with designated hikes over steep and rugged terrain. Participants should be able to hike moderate to strenous trails and have prior birding experience.

Alpine Bird BioBlitz Details

Come join us for Glacier National Park's first Alpine Bird BioBlitz! This is a one-day event held at desginated locations within the park. Participants should expect a full day of hiking and birding. This is a great opportunity to work alongside expert birders to document and learn about Glacier's alpine bird species, some of which are species of concern.

  • Date: Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Time: 6:30 a.m. start time for all hikes. End times will be variable with some hikes lasting into late afternoon/early evening. Note: In addition, one late start hike (9:00 a.m.) will be offered to Hidden Lake.
  • Hiking Ability: Participants should be able to hike moderate to strenous trails.
  • Requirements: Birding experience preferred. Binoculars are required.
  • Participants must register to attend the event. For more information about the Alpine Bird BioBlitz and to register, visit our registration page.

Last updated: June 22, 2018