Rocky Mountain National Park attracts researchers from all over the world who explore a variety of topics from alpine soils and glaciers to forest ecology and wildlife disease. Long-term projects in the park have contributed to not only our understanding of park resources, but also to the larger scientific understanding of ecosystem processes and global change. Learn more about how research in our National Parks has contributed to the advancement of science here, including one study from right here at Rocky.
Two researches identify dragonfly larvae in the field.

Research Highlights

Learn more about research happening in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Researcher in the field with mountain background.

Research Permits

Interested in conducting research in Rocky Mountain National Park? Learn how to apply for a permit here.

Researcher presents at a podium to an auditorium of people.

Biennial Research Conference

The conference highlights current research and allows researchers to share results and connect with scientists, park staff, and the public.

Last updated: February 24, 2021