“Green” Purchasing and Waste Reduction

Besides having an active recycling program, the park uses products with recycled materials whenever practical for office, landscaping, and construction needs. Conventional adhesives, cleaners, paints, and solvents are manufactured using chemicals that emit harmful vapors which degrade the indoor air quality of our buildings. Whenever possible, the park uses items that do not give off these vapors, including office fixtures and carpeting. Lubricants and cleaners are used that have plant-based materials and / or ingredients that are less harmful to the environment and human health than conventional products. Yearly chemical inventories provide a means to remove unwanted and unused chemicals from supply stock.

By weight, the park regularly recycles or composts more waste than is sent to the local landfill. Construction, demolition, and office wastes are sorted and recycled where possible, and many times are even reused within the park. Grass clippings, limbs, and trees that have come down due to weather or for safety reasons are composted within the park or are left to decompose naturally and provide habitat for a variety of smaller wildlife. Outdated but reusable electronic waste is recycled while unusable electronic devices, along with hazardous wastes, are sent to appropriate processing facilities to keep dangerous materials out of the environment. Recycling bins are located throughout Park facilities, including at on-site employee housing.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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