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San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains
Special Resource Study

Existing Agencies, Local Governments, and Private Property Rights

Based on early public comments, the NPS stated it would only consider management alternatives which respect property rights and the authorities that currently belong to existing local, state and federal agencies and jurisdictions:

Private Property Rights – The alternative concepts emphasize collaborative projects with other organizations. Concepts involving land acquisition by eminent domain were not considered.

Local Land Use Authorities – The alternative concepts respect and retain local land use authority of jurisdictions within the study area. The NPS collaborates with local jurisdictions in many areas without changes in land ownership or management.

Existing Regulatory Agencies – The alternative concepts respect and retain existing decision-making and regulatory authorities, including authorities over flood protection and water supply.

Water and Infrastructure – The alternative concepts respect existing water rights, water supply, flood protection, drainage and public infrastructure.

Angeles National Forest – Under each alternative concept, the US Forest Service will retain management of the Angeles National Forest.

see description of alternative concepts in newsletter 4

updated 07/31/09