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Planning an outdoor classroom on a middle school campus


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Identify and Analyze Resources, and Promote Recognition of Their Value
A community may be endowed with cultural, recreational, ecological or scenic resources. The community may require assistance in compiling, analyzing and sharing information. We can assist with identification of local or regional resources, and preparation of public outreach and information materials that promote conservation and outdoor recreation.

Coordinate Public and Private Partners
Rivers, trails, greenways and natural lands frequently overlap jurisdictional boundaries. Ownership and management responsibilities can be divided among public and private parties. We can help bring interested parties to the table and work together toward achievement of locally defined conservation and recreation goals.

Assist Strategic Planning and Organizational Development
We help communities articulate and define conservation and outdoor recreation goals, recognizing the essential role of local leadership. We assist by facilitating organizational development or strategic planning retreats, providing advice, technical resources and counsel for budding conservation groups.

Organize and Facilitate Workshops and Meetings
We help sponsors organize workshops to bring together diverse interests and develop a common vision. Workshops can include initial brainstorming, discussions that focus on general goals to guide future planning, and design charettes.

Help Design and Carry Out a Planning Process
Our partners sometimes have a clear vision of where they would like to be, but need assistance in mapping out how to get there. In discussion with participants, we facilitate identification of feasibility strategies, developing a project work plan and help define roles, responsibilities and schedules to which all partners can commit.

Guide Preparation of Project Plans and Other Documents
A milestone in - or result of - an effective planning process can be a report that guides your community toward specific actions, such as a master plan, concept plan, feasibility study, planning guide or action plan. Our staff can help coordinate or participate in development of these documents.

Share Information on Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Strategies
Along with expertise of the National Park Service, we share knowledge of successes, techniques, and lessons of other local conservation and outdoor recreation projects with partners confronting similar challenges or opportunities. We serve as a "clearinghouse," providing access to a variety of information gained through research and networking. We can introduce you to professionals, non-profit organizations and citizen groups experienced in trail planning, stream restoration, fund-raising, public participation, landowner concerns, and the study of economic benefits of conservation and public health benefits of outdoor recreation.

The Willamette Water Trail provides access to launch, landing and camp sites along its banks.

The Willamette Water Trail provides access to launch, landing and camp sites along its banks. RTCA is providing assistance to federal, state, and local trail partners with planning, public outreach, product development, and promotion.

Photo by NPS


Last Updated: July 11, 2006