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B. Six-Month Measures



Nominate Keone`o`io Historic District to National Register

DLNR Historic Preservation Division, Maui Historical Society, Na Wahine Ekolu


Identify promotion of area in key tourist media and request changes

Maui Activity Owners Association, Maui Hotel Association, Friends of Keone`o`io, DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources and Division of Forestry and Wildlife


Expand volunteer presence to improve security and user awareness

DLNR Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement, Friends of Keone`o`io



Define staffing needed for adequate protection and enforcement

DLNR Division of State Parks, Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement, Division of Land Management


Obtain survey of government lands and easements

DLNR Division of Land Management


Explore other management options

DLNR, interested cultural groups, Keone`o`io Working Group, National Park Service


Clearly demarcate parking area and spaces

DLNR Division of Land Management, with help from local contractors