A. Immediate Measures
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           Action Item                                    Responsibility and Funding




Close makai loop trail, divert mauka jeep trail around salt-pan and adze-grinding sites, fix mauka jeep trail to allow 4WD access to fishing sites, and install informational signs

DLNR's Historic Preservation Division, Land Management Division and Division of Forestry and Wildlife NARS Program, with volunteer help from contractor Tom Cooke  


Stabilize archeological sites        damaged by use of makai loop trail

DLNR Historic Preservation Division and the non-profits, Na Wahine Ekolu and Friends of Keone`o`io


Install sign near Makena State Park indicating no facilities ahead                                

DLNR Division of Land Management


Conduct clean-ups of fishing sites and "latrine" areas and remove coral graffiti

Community Work Day Program, Rotary Club of Kihei, Na Ala Hele Trails and Access Program, adjacent neighbors, Sierra Club, Friends of Keone`o`io, DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources, fishermen, divers, State DOH