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Freedom of Information Act
The easiest and fastest way to acquire information or documents about  the bureau is simply to call us and ask for the subject matter expert. The National Park Service has a policy of providing documents which   exist - to anyone - as long as it doesn't fall within the nine exemption categories of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are: 
  • national security
  • personnel statutes
  • any law that supersedes the FOIA
  • business and financial documents that would cause competitive harm 
  • executive privilege and predecisional documents
  • privacy information
  • law enforcement information
  • location of geologic wells
  • banking interests
  • We try to put as much information as we can on each park web site, so you may find documents which target planning efforts, educational   projects, and news releases by browsing through the entire National  Park Service site. With a FOIA request, we will identify the documents that exist and   either provide them immediately, or, tell you why we cannot release  them, or tell you how much it will cost to receive them.  We charge 13 cents a page for duplication and $18.60 an hour for search time. Remember, the law says we provide documents that exist.  No document  will be created in order to respond to a request. And if you have a  "how" or "why" question, we probably do not have a document which will  satisfactorily answer you.  In these cases, it is truly best to call the subject matter experts. 

    The following responses to the Freedom of Information Act requests are those completed this calendar year by the Pacific West Region Office.  FOIA regulations provide that any correspondence which  denies the release of documents is to be signed by the Regional Director. This ensures that the withheld documents are reviewed by the Regional Director and the Department of Interior Solicitor for compliance with FOIA. 

    As a result the documents on this web page are only those responses competed by the Regional Office. As a rule this regional office gets very few general requests.  Most of the FOIAS this office responds to have been forwarded by park staff which seek to withhold a document for one of the nine exemptions. Each year, this region completes about 150 FOIA responses -  about half at the parks where all documents are released. 

    Unfortunately, we do not have scanning equipment in which to input the released documents, however, we have tried in each case to identify each document released or denied. We are happy to send you copies of the occasional document, however, as you will see on several of these responses, many documents exist. We charge 13 cents for each copy made.  We charge $18.60 per hour for any document that we still need to locate. 

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