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What's the good news here at Pullman National Historical Park?

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What's the Best Way to Stay Connected?

Pullman National Historical Park provides a few different ways for you to stay connected to what is happening in the park. These options allow for maximum efficiency and allow you to choose how you want to be informed, and how often you want to be informed.

Social Media

Like Pullman National Historical Park on Facebook! You will be able to share with us and others your experiences at Pullman National Historical Park. Occasionally, we'll ask a thought provoking question, share our special events, post photos and videos, and breaking news.

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Pullman Newsletter and News Releases

Keep up with park activities in our park Newsletter or read our News Releases for our biggest, most up to date annoucements. If you're looking for information on our most recent project at the park, check out Project Updates.

Last updated: January 5, 2023

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