From the majestic humpback whale crossing offshore in the winter months, to the small ʻōpae ʻula (shrimp) grazing on the algae in the brackish ponds, you'll have the opportunity to spot an amazing variety of creatures within the park.

A monk seal props its head on a rock in shallow water


Monk Seals, Bats, Mongoose, and more! Check out what mammals can be found in the park.

A brightly colored saffron finch stands in coarse sand.


Saffron finches, golden plovers, night herons, and more! Discover the native, migratory, and introduced birds found in the park.

A small honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) rests on a sandy beach


Honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles), geckos, and more! See what reptiles roam the waters and the lands in the park.

Several people hold wana (sea urchin) over a wooden bowl


Sea urchins, native shrimp, damselflies, and more! Find out more about invertebrates here.

Two fish in the ocean


The waters of Hōnaunau Bay are filled with a variety of fish and other wildlife. Learn more here.

Last updated: July 16, 2020

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