LHHT: Ohiopyle to PA Route 653

At Ohiopyle, the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail segment of the PHT network heads northeast. Over the next nine miles, the yellow-blazed trail climbs in stages from 1,200 feet to almost 2,800 feet. The ascent includes a steep climb of about 1,100 feet beginning near milepost 7 on the trail. The second half of the section is gentle with the elevation hovering near 2,400 feet. Note the changes in ground cover and forest type at the various elevations. The trail is well built, but rocky in places and sturdy hiking shoes are a good choice.


Trip Planner

Start: Ohiopyle
End: PA Route 653
Miles: 19.0
Points of Interest: Ohiopyle, Laurel Highlands Trail park office
Parking: Ohiopyle (0.0 mi.), Maple Summit Rd. (11.4 mi.), Laurel Highlands Trail park office (19.0 mi.)
Water: Ohiopyle, Ohiopyle Shelter, Route 653 Shelter
Restroom or privy: Ohiopyle, Ohiopyle Shelter, Route 653 Shelter
Provisions: Ohiopyle
Camping: Ohiopyle Shelter, Route 653 Shelter

Note: All shelters and campsites on the Laurel Highlands portion of the PHT must be reserved in advance. A fee is required.


Hike Data

Mile Navigation
0 Ohiopyle. A green painted depot which serves as a combination restroom and visitors center. The store, B&B's, hotel and outfitters are all within a few blocks.
0.2 For 70 miles, between Ohiopyle and Seward, PA, the LHHT segment of the PHT is blazed yellow and marked with mileposts. Except for the few miles at either end, the grades are gentle. Hiking only.
6.5 Ohiopyle Shelter.
11.4 Maple Summit Rd.
18.7 Route 653 Shelter.
19.0 Route 653.



This little place is a major hub for recreation. It is perhaps most famous for whitewater rafting, but also a trailhead for the Great Allegheny Passage and a network of short trails and fishing spots. Cross country skiing and snowshoeing offer the best way to solitude in the woods in winter. Just a few miles north on PA Route 381 is Falling Water, the famous home built by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Laurel Highlands
The positions of the shelters on this trail make this segment an ideal two day backpack. The first day is less than seven miles, but covers much of the climbing. The second day only has one tough mile, making the distance covered feasible for those with some experience. This would be an easier hike from north to south, but downhill descent can be hard on feet and ankles.

Last updated: July 10, 2017

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