Laurel Highlands Trail Hike 33

PA Route 653 to PA Route 31

This section is a pleasant ridgetop walk with expansive views. Early on the trail passes through house-size boulders before climbing gently to 2,994 feet, the highest point on the Potomac Heritage Trail. This is the most open section of Laurel Ridge. The trail crosses several ski slopes and open areas of the Seven Springs Ski Resort. The remnants of a tree farm provide a different look as the trail eases down to Route 31.


Trip Planner

Start: PA Route 653
End: PA Route 31
Miles: 12.0
Points of Interest: Laurel Run Overlook, Seven Springs area
Parking: PA Route 653 (0.0 mi.), PA Route 31 (12.0 mi.)
Water: Grindle Ridge Shelter
Restroom or Privy: Grindle Ridge Shelter
Provisions: None
Camping: Grindle Ridge Shelter


Hike Data

Mile Navigation
0 PA Route 653.
2.5 Laurel Run overlook.
5.4 Grindle Ridge Shelters.
7.5 Seven Springs. The Laurel Highlands Trail cuts right through a ski resort here. The planners took an interesting approach to routing the trail - the open ski slopes offer wide open views.
8.0 Highest point on the PHT (2,994 feet).
12.0 PA Route 31.


Explore the PHT

Seven Springs
Due to its elevation this area is often encased in fog. The mist offers an opportunity to listen and get close to wildlife. Even if it is clear, you can stop and sit awhile along the edge of one of the ski slopes and see what develops.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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