Great Allegheny Passage Hike 28

Connellsville to Perryopolis

Once you leave town the trail regains the river and heads north. Five miles up the line note Dawson across the river. From here to Perryopolis just enjoy the quiet. Early in the 20th century there were some 40,000 coke ovens in Fayette County alone. Contemplating this much industry and its bustle along this now solitary stretch, the day seems quieter still.


Trip Planner

Start: Connellsville
End: Perryopolis
Miles: 12.8
Points of Interest: Connellsville, Dawson, Perryopolis
Parking: Connellsville (0.0 mi.), Dawson (5.2 mi.), Perryopolis (12.8 mi.)
Water: Connellsville, Riverfront Park
Restroom or Privy: Connellsville, Riverfront Park, Round Bottom Campsite
Provisions: Connellsville, Adelaide, Dawson, Perryopolis
Camping: Round Bottom Campsite


Hike Data

Mile Navigation
0 Connellsville. From Riverfront Park, pass under US 119 and climb the ramp to continue north on the old Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Grade. Look for your stone milepost 58, signifying the number of miles to Pittsburgh.
2.9 Rivers Edge Family Campground.
5.2 Dawson. To reach town, climb to bridge and cross river. Turn right into town. Among the attractions are cafes, B&B's and a bicycle rental shop.
10.3 Round Bottom campsite. There is a privy, but no water here. Plan accordingly.
12.8 Perryopolis. Climb to the road that crosses above the trail, turn left and continue 1.5 miles to town. The tunnel and trestle you see here were filmed for a scene in the movie Silence of the Lambs.


Explore the PHT

Cross the river and enjoy the fine Victorian architecture. Today, only 500 folks live here, but it was once a hub of coal mining activity. Outstanding structures include the bank building and the United Methodist Church which dates to 1900.

This is another neat place to visit, if a little harder to get to. Your tour starts with the tunnel and trestle which cross the trail here. They were built in 1900 for the four mile long Washington Run Railroad. Today they carry a road. A (careful) trip through the tunnel and across the river is a must. Back on the west side, pass through the tunnel again and climb the hill to town. You’ll find an old style town square, a drugstore with a soda fountain, a blacksmith shop plus a gristmill and distillery open for tours.

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