Great Allegheny Passage Hike 24

Meyersdale to Rockwood

The PHT leaves Meyersdale and almost immediately reaches the 1908 foot long, 101 foot high Salisbury Viaduct. The goal for railroad builders was to cross a broad valley. It was a tough construction job that cost seven men their lives. This is another spot where you can stand right above the live CSX line. The Casselman River parallels the trail. It is too shallow for boats, but popular with fishermen.

The hiking is almost entirely through the woods, but there are interludes through villages, too. The name Rockwood was chosen by the railroad for the station here. After looking at the surrounding terrain, the name was about as good as they could come up with. The villages each offer unique things to see. All are five minutes from the trail across a short bridge. Plan your hike to visit each of them.


Trip Planner

Start: Meyersdale
End: Rockwood
Miles: 12.0
Points of Interest: Meyersdale, Salisbury Viaduct, Garrett, Rockwood
Parking: Meyersdale (0.0 mi.), Salisbury Viaduct (1.0 mi.), Garrett (5.0 mi.), Rockwood (12.0 mi.)
Water: None on trail (ask in towns)
Restroom or privy: None
Provisions: Meyersdale, Garrett, Rockwood
Camping: None


Hike Data

Mile Navigation
0 Meyersdale. Turn left at the depot and you are only blocks from shops and restaurants. There are B&B's here as well.
1.0 Salisbury Viaduct. In 2000, the old walkway was replaced with a concrete walkway. Note the windfarm on the ridge above the viaduct as you head west.
5.0 Garrett. Convenience store - turn right on Berlin St. 0.1 miles to cross river, then turn right on first side street, left to go under railroad, right on PA 653, 0.2 miles to store. In total about 0.3 miles to store. There is also a store on the corner of PA 653 and US 219.
12.0 Rockwood. Turn right at Bridge St. (PA 653) and follow across the river and the CSX Line to Main Street. Restaurants, small stores and B&B's along here near the trail. B&B at trailhead has bike rentals and snacks on weekends.


Explore the PHT

The Allegheny Trail Alliance has done a remarkable job of promoting a connection between the trail and the towns along the way. There are cafes, B&Bs, outfitters and bike shops providing services and hospitality to hikers and cyclists. The town of Rockwood makes this connection very well. It's easy to navigate your way from trail to food and drink and supplies, then get back on the trail. Or you might want to linger awhile. If so, there B&Bs within a few blocks of the trail — one actually is located trailside! Others located a little farther from the trail offer to pick you up at the trailhead. See the Allegheny Trail Alliance Web site.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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