Virginia's Tidewater Potomac Fauna

Because it is surrounded by tidal waters, the influence of tides follows creeks and rivers far inland. Migratory waterfowl and shorebirds gather at astonishing numbers. And because, so much of the inland Northern Neck is forested, the diversity of songbirds who favor deep woods also is remarkable. One of the great beneficiaries of these surroundings is the American bald eagle, which nests in woods and feeds at the water’s edge. Paddling backwater creeks, there are days when eagle population of a cove rivals that of the human.

Even more notable to the heritage of Virginia’s Lower Potomac are the fish and shellfish that have provided food and industry. Among the most important have been:

  • Menhaden
  • Blue Crab
  • Rock fish, or striped bass
  • Oyster
  • River otter
  • Northeastern tiger beetle
  • Diamond back terrapin

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Birds of the Northern Neck

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