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The cover of the Foundations Document for Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.
The cover of the Foundation Document for Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

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Foundation Document: Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail (October 2014)

The Foundation Document is intended to capture existing practices to administer the federal interest in the PHT network, to summarize plans and policies to date, and to serve as a basis for future coordination, site specific planning and Trail corridor-wide decision-making; in particular, the content is intended to serve as a foundation for comprehensive management of the PHT network, and as a reference for NPS staff and Trail management partners, volunteer-based organizations, and others with an interest in the PHT. Download the full Foundation Document (2.5 MB, low-res PDF) and the four-page Overview (4.6 MB).


Potomac Heritage NST Interpretive Concept Plan

A series of meetings and discussions in 2004 led to completion of an "interpretive concept plan," which established a foundation for interpretation, described opportunities and provided some direction for Trail stakeholders. The document includes a description of PHT corridor significance, interpretive themes and a list of actions.


Plans and Planning

Local, regional, state and federal plans and planning processes address particular sections of the Trail corridor and participation in local planning processes has been and continues to be essential to complete the Trail network. Following are links to such plans:


More documents

Documents developed over the past 20 years provide additional information about planning for and management of the Trail network, as well as the history and significance of the Trail:


...A Proposed National Scenic Trail

Authorized by Congress in the National Trails System Act of 1968, the former Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Department of the Interior, published a "feasibility study" titled The Potomac Heritage Trail: A Proposed National Scenic Trail in 1974 (PDF; 28.5 MB).


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