Fall Campfire Program - First Peoples, First Allies: Indigenous Nations in Revolutionary America

Valley Forge National Historical Park



Location: LAT/LONG: 40.100922, -75.448179

Conway's Brigade is located a short walk from the Von Steuben Statue parking lot.

Dates & Times


Saturday, November 5, 2022


7:00 PM


1 hour

Type of Event

Campfire/Evening Program


November 5 – First Peoples, First Allies: Indigenous Nations in Revolutionary America

Long before the Continental Congress secured an alliance with France, the state governments sought the assistance of neighboring Indigenous Nations. During the Valley Forge encampment, George Washington and the fledging government of the United States made an alliance with the Oneida Indian Nation, and the Oneidas sent a delegation of warriors to Valley Forge. These warriors fought at the Battle of Barren Hill, but they were not the only ones to join the fight during the Revolution. Take a closer look at the allegiances of the different Nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the factors that drove their decisions, and the lasting effects of those choices for generations to come.

Fall campfire programs take place at 7 PM on selected Saturdays in the fall at Conway's Brigade.

Join a park ranger for an interactive evening by the campfire as we discuss unique
stories of Valley Forge and the American Revolution. The programs are located at Conway’s Brigade, and run for about an hour. Topics vary.

Accessible from PA Route 23. Park at the Von Steuben Statue parking lot or the
Varnum’s Picnic Area parking lot, then walk down the historic trace road to Conway’s Brigade.

Bring a flashlight, a blanket, and a jacket.

The program will be canceled in the event of rain, call 610-783-1099 before 5 PM to check on the status of the program.

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