Rebecca Winters' Grave

A woman dressed in emigrant costume is seen at the side of a grave.
The Rebecca Winters grave site is a place for quiet contemplation.


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The final resting place of Mormon emigrant Rebecca Winters. Rebecca died of cholera on August 15, 1852. Her grave site was marked with a metal wagon wheel rim that was engraved “Rebecca Winters, Age 50.”

The grave had been forgotten for years until 1899 when surveyors for the Burlington Northern Railroad rediscovered it. 

Directions to Rebecca Winter’s Grave

From the Scotts Bluff National Monument Visitor Center, turn east on Old Oregon Trail Road. Continue east through Gering. One half mile after leaving Gering, turn north on 21st Avenue. After crossing the North Platte River, turn east (right) at the first intersection onto South Beltline. Just after South Beltline crosses the railroad tracks, turn right into the entrance to the grave site. The grave is located just to the north of a large metal Nebraska Historical Marker.

Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail, Scotts Bluff National Monument

Last updated: January 23, 2023