South Carolina National Heritage Corridor

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Quick Facts
Designated in 1996, the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor (SCNHC) is committed to promoting and preserving the cultural, natural and historic resources of the state. The corridor stretches across 17 counties from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean and encompasses everything from the Cherokee Foothills, to the Savannah and Ashley Rivers, to plantation houses, to Edisto Island.

The SCNHC boast four nationally significant stories:
  • The events that took place in South Carolina greatly influenced the eventual American victory in the American Revolution.
  • Political disagreements between North and South Carolina served as a catalyst for the American Revolution.
  • The brutal combats of the Revolutionary War shaped the lives of traditional Carolinians.
  • The American victory in the Revolution caused major changes for Native Americans and African Americans in the Carolinas.
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This Heritage Corridor includes the following sites:

Last updated: August 4, 2022