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Spanish Colonial Arts Society, Museum Campus

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Santa Fe became a hub of international trade in the 1800s. Materials from European and U.S. manufacturers arrived from the east. Goods from central Mexican and South America arrived from the south. Products were traded at western ports for livestock and supplies. The exchange of Spanish, American Indian, Mexican, and U.S. cultures inspired uniquely New Mexican art. Preserved in the Stockman Collections Center to your left are examples of a blending of American materials and designs with traditional Spanish arts and crafts. Today's visitor can see the influence of the trails in the cultural practices and art in Santa Fe.

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Location (750 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM 87505)

The Spanish Colonial Arts Society collections were initiated in 1928. Today with 3,000 objects, the collections are the most comprehensive compilation of Spanish Colonial art of their kind. Dating from the Middle Ages to the New Millennium, the collections span centuries in art, place and time. Among the various media featured are santos (painted and sculpted images of saints,) textiles, tinwork, silverwork, goldwork, ironwork, straw appliqué, ceramics, furniture, books and more. All combined, the collections represent the artistic history and ongoing evolution of Hispano culture in New Mexico while firmly establishing its important place within the global arts landscape. 

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The Pueblo Revival-style building was designed by renowned architect John Gaw Meem in 1930. The inside provides an intimate, homelike setting where visitors from around the world can view the collections and learn the fascinating history of Spanish colonial art worldwide.

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