Lyons Ranch Trailhead

Purple flowers cover a green hillside. A dirt road is in the distance.
Spring flowers and lush grass in the Bald Hills

Photo / G Litten

Quick Facts

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Located on the Bald Hills Road, this is the start/end of the four-mile roundtrip hike down to the historic Lyons Ranch. The Bald Hills Road is not recommended for recreational vehicles, campers or anything towing a trailer. 

This trailhead is about 2,500 feet in elevation, and is set well above the redwood forests far below. There is gravel parking for a dozen cars. In summer, it will be hot and exposed here compared to all the other places in Redwood National and State Parks.  In winter, snow can cover this part of the Bald Hills Road and the trail will be difficult to hike on.

No water or facilities are provided at the trailhead. The wide open spaces along this trail are completely different to any of the other views in the parks.

At this site, views across the prairies covered with spring flowers, and views into the night sky are spectacular. Black bears, Roosevelt elk, and snakes have be seen in this area.

The trail descends 400-feet as it follows dirt roads down the hill, through occasional groves of oaks to Lyons Ranch. This was a 19th and 20th century sheep farming operation which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Prescribed fire operations occur in the Bald Hills in the autumn and these keep the prairies open.

Safety Tips
  • We recommend you purchase and use a good map and trail guide for your adventures in Redwood National and State Parks. Don’t rely on online maps when you are here.
  • To protect the habitats, leave no trace also means staying on the developed trail. Please don’t go off-trail and make any new trails. These forests grow by the inch, and will die by your foot.
  • To protect the wildlife (and you and other visitors), pets are not allowed on park trails.
  • Cell coverage is very limited and cannot be relied on in an emergency. Have a plan for checking in and checking out with a friend when you are here.


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