Grace Creek Overlook

View from atop a ridge overlooking Grace Creek, forests, and the Red Oak Ridge on Isle Royale.
A hike to Grace Creek Overlook offers spectacular views.


Quick Facts
Isle Royale National Park

Scenic View/Photo Spot

Grace Creek Overlook is a popular scenic overlook on the west end of Isle Royale National Park. It is located off the Feldtmann Lake Trail about 1.8 miles south of Windigo. Step onto the rocky outcropping and gaze down at Grace Creek. Grace Beach, Grace Harbor, and Lake Superior can be viewed to the southwest. Wildlife viewing is common here. Hike to Grace Creek Overlook for the day and experience the island's vast wilderness. 

Found Nearby

  • Windigo Area (1.8 miles away)

  • Washington Harbor

  • Feldtmann Lake Campground (6.7 miles away)

  • Rainbow Cove (7.5 miles away)

Isle Royale National Park

Last updated: February 12, 2022