Fort Stanton

Secretary of War Edwin Stanton
Fort Stanton was named in honor of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.

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Washington, DC
Civil War Fort
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Fort Stanton was constructed in September 1861 to defend the Navy Yard. The fort was situated at the center of the Eastern Branch Line (Anacostia River), and was one of the larger earthworks in this sector of the Defenses of Washington. Fort Stanton had a perimeter of 322 yards and mounted 18 artillery pieces. The garrison consisted of 483 artillerymen and infantry. Fort Stanton was named in honor of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. 

The fort featured a unique design feature: two masonry magazines that were erected in 1863-64 at the cost of $2,5000 each. A section of the earthworks, including two masonry bastions, remain in good condition.

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Last updated: April 20, 2021