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Visit Cimarron, on the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail.


Quick Facts
Cimarron, New Mexico
Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail runs through town

The Santa Fe Trail consisted of two main branches: the original route called the Mountain Branch, which passed through Cimarron, and the Cimarron Cutoff, named for the town near Dodge City, Kansas.

The route of the Mountain Branch follows present-day Interstate 25 over Raton Pass (along the railroad tracks) and parallels Hwy 64 to Cimarron, crossing in front of the Cimarron Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center and across the Cimarron River to Old Town.

The two branches met at Fort Union, 90 miles south of Cimarron and the main fort offering protection for travelers along the Trail. Traces of the Santa Fe Trail can still be seen nearby.

Site Information

Location (Cimarron, New Mexico)

Santa Fe Trail Walking Trail
Along Highway 21 between Cimarron and Philmont is a walking/running trail that follows the Santa Fe Trail. There is some elevation change. Approximately 4 miles one way. Philmont Scout Ranch staff constructed the trail along New Mexico Highway 21 for community use by ranch staff, visitors, and area residents.

Safety Considerations

Santa Fe National Historic Trail

Santa Fe National Historic Trail

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