Cimarron National Grassland

Looking from a stone bluff out onto an expansive grassland.
Visit Cimarron National Grassland and hike the Santa Fe Trail!

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Between 1821 and 1846, the Santa Fe National Historic Trail was the major trade and travel route between Old Franklin, Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Cimarron National Grassland contains 23 miles of the Santa Fe Trail - the largest section on public land. This 19-mile trail, between Murphy and Conestoga Trailheads, parallels the original Santa Fe National Historical Trail and allows visitors to experience what life may have been like for early trail travellers. Limestone posts help mark the original trail and interpretive signs explain its history. 

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Available Facilities and Exhibits: Several outdoor exhibits are along specific trail-related points of interest on the grassland. A 19-mile interpretive trail that parallels the historical trail is available.

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Santa Fe National Historic Trail

Santa Fe National Historic Trail

Last updated: November 22, 2021