Castle Rock Trail

A hiker on a trail with a large cliff looming behind her.
The Castle Rock Trail follows the base of several large cliffs along Grandview Rim.

NPS/Dave Bieri

Quick Facts

Labeled (4) on the Grandview Area Trails map


0.6 miles/0.97 km (One-way)



Trail type

Hiking only

Trail Description

This strenuous 0.6 mile trail begins near Main Overlook and ends where it intersects the Grandview Rim Trail, approximately 0.5 mile from Main Overlook. Hikers will find close-up views of towering fortress-like rock walls and exposed coal seams. The Castle Rock Trail and Grandview Rim Trail can make a great one mile loop. This loop will take hikers below the overhanging cliffs on the Castle Rock Trail and then alongside the outstanding viewpoints on the Grandview Rim Trail.This trail is considered strenuous and is not recommended for young children because of uneven footing and steep drop-offs.

To reach trailhead

This trail begins near the Grandview Main Overlook and ends as it intersects with the Grandview Rim Trail. 

New River Gorge National Park and Preserve

Last updated: May 3, 2022