Brinegar Cabin

A 19th century wooden slat cabin with cedar shake roof sits on a hill
Visit the past, see a demonstration of Appalachian life in the early 19th century.

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Quick Facts
Parkway Milepost 238.5
The cabin and springhouse are remnants of a once expansive 125-acre farm cultivated by the Brinegar family.

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This site, located at MP 238.5 in Doughton Park was once an expansive 125-acre farm cultivated by the Brinegar family. Martin, a cobbler and Caroline, a weaver managed their children, livestock, several gardens, an apple orchard and more. Considered a mountain family, the Brinegars lived a self-sufficient lifestyle growing, collecting, and cultivating the things needed for survival. For some income Martin made and sold shoes while Caroline wove and created clothing for the entire family.

The site holds the main cabin built in 1886, a granary/root cellar, and springhouse. Missing is the barn. The landscape provides a view of middle class Appalachian farming and family life from 1885 to 1935, interpreting activities such as loom weaving, traditional subsistence agriculture, regional use of springhouses, and the family cemetery of the Brinegars. Demonstrations are typically given during weekends in the summer by rangers and volunteers. 

Trailheads for the Cedar Ridge and Bluff Mountain trails are to the right. To learn more about the daily lives of the Brinegar family, as well as the buildings located be sure to read the informational waysides on site, or visit


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Last updated: January 25, 2021