Abigail Adams Cairn

A plaque on the Abigail Adams Cairn detailing what it is.
Plaque on the Abigail Adams Cairn

Quick Facts
Quincy, MA
The location where Abigail Adams and John Quincy Adams watched the Battle of Bunker Hill.
City of Quincy
As the Battle of Bunker Hill unfolded in Boston, windows rattled and the ground shook from the cannon fire in Braintree. Abigail Adams brought her seven year old son, John Quincy Adams, up to the top of near-by Penn’s Hill to watch the battle from afar. John Quincy later wrote, “Of June lighted the fires of Charlestown -- I saw with my own eyes those fires, and heard Britannia's thunders in the Battle of Bunker's hill and witnessed the tears of my mother and mingled with them my own, at the fall of Warren a dear friend of my father, and a beloved Physician to me.”
The Abigail Adams Cairn is located in a neighborhood with limited parking. Please respect the neighbors’ property. Ground is slippery when wet.

Adams National Historical Park

Last updated: October 26, 2020