SMI Old Growth Cedars

Sunlight lights the leaves of a large cedar tree along path
Sunlight dapples old growth cedar

Quick Facts
South Manitou Island
Some of the oldest and largest white cedars

For many people, the Valley of the Giants is the most enchanting and memorable section of the island. A small, ancient virgin grove of northern white cedars on the southwest corner on the island, this grove is one of the rarest ecosystems in the country and contains some of the oldest and largest white cedars on the planet, including the former national champion.

It is believed that the remote location of the grove as well as the proximity to the dunes is what allowed this magnificent masterpiece of nature to survive to this day. This grove of white cedar trees includes some of the largest and oldest in North America. Many of the trees are 300-500 years old and are over twice as large as the average white cedar, reaching 100 feet into the air and three to five feet around. A fallen tree revealed 528 growth rings.

Watch this video featuring these old growth cedars.

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Walk through and learn about the Old Growth Cedars on South Manitou Island.

Last updated: February 20, 2024