Hagerman Fossil Beds, the Oregon Trail Overlook

A brown sign introducing the park entrance with large eroded brown hills behind it.
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Bell Rapids Road, south of Hagerman, Idaho
The Oregon Trail ruts can be seen at this location.
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The southern part of Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument contains steep terrain and loose sandy and silty soils. Traveling through this area was difficult for emigrants on the Oregon Trail. Heavy wagons dug into the ground, leaving behind deep ruts that are still visible today. To view these ruts and to hike alongside them, follow Bell Rapids Road from the town of Hagerman. The road enters the monument and travels to two overlooks.

The first, Snake River Overlook, provides a view of the Snake River. Across from the overlook, on the road's south side, lies the Oregon Trail. Also here is one of two trailheads for a three mile hiking trail that follows the Oregon Trail.

To reach the second overlook, the Oregon Trail Overlook, continue driving on the road for a few miles. From this overlook, deeply eroded wagon ruts can be scene. This is also the location of the other trailhead for the Oregon Trail hiking trail.

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Location (Bell Rapids Road, south of Hagerman, Idaho)

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Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

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Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon National Historic Trail

Last updated: March 12, 2024