Grand Canyon Kennel

A brown single story building with a row of small doors and wire cages.
The kennel is open year-round for dogs and cats with vaccinations.

NPS photo by Joel Kane

Quick Facts

Pets are not permitted on trails below the rim of the canyon, on shuttle buses, or in most guest rooms in lodges on the South Rim. Even if you are not staying overnight, please consider the dry climate, warm weather, and hot pavement or surfaces that can be painful or damaging to your animal. Leaving pets in vehicles during warm weather without proper care and precautions is prohibited.

The Grand Canyon Kennel can provide a safe place for your furry friend to stay while you explore all Grand Canyon has to offer.

Located on the South Rim near Maswik Lodge, the Grand Canyon Kennel is operated by Xanterra, and accepts dogs and cats only.

Pets will be accepted for day or overnight boarding, but must have proof of up-to-date vaccinations. Reservations for Grand Canyon Kennel are highly recommended, especially during summer months and holidays.

Required Vaccinations

Proof of vaccinations must be provided upon entering the kennel.

Dogs need proof of current inoculation for rabies, DHLP, bordetella, and parvo.

Cats need proof of current inoculation for rabies, feline leukemia, and distemper combo (FDVR). Feline leukemia vaccination proof is not required for indoor cats, with a doctor's note.

Hours of Operation - 

Grand Canyon Kennel services resumed on July 2, 2021. Services are limited to the following:   

  • The Kennel is open Friday through Monday7:30 am — 5 pm.
  • Overnight boarding is available Friday through Sunday nights only. 
  • On Mondays, the facility will be open for pick-ups and day boarding only. 
  • The Kennel will be closed and not staffed Tuesday through Thursday. 

Contact Information

During business hours: 928-638-0534

Owners picking up or dropping off outside of business hours must go in person to Maswik Lodge to make arrangements. For retrieval after 5 pm, contact Xanterra Fire & Safety at 928-638-2631.

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Last updated: July 2, 2021