Geyser Park

Orange and yellow colored rock surrounds a small, steaming geyser
The Geyser at Geyser Park

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Geyser Park includes a gray-orange mound- one of the original soda springs described by passing emigrants- and a captive geyser that erupts every hour on the hour. This "luke-cool" geyser was released when drillers seeking hot water for mineral baths unintentionally tapped into an artesian well.

Now, it is a developed site with interpretive exhibits that tell the area's story. There is a boardwalk around the geyser and grassy areas with picnic tables and benches that can be used to view the geyser. Also, visitors can walk a 1.7-mile route from here that goes through town, along a canal at the end of Main Street, to Hooper Springs. It is a pleasant walk with a potential for viewing wildlife. 

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Last updated: November 3, 2020