Boston Run Trailhead Information

Trailhead bulletin board, left, stands along a rail fence. Unpaved path heads away beside a field.
Boston Run Trail begins in the far corner of the main parking lot for Happy Days Lodge.

NPS / Arrye Rosser

Quick Facts
Park in the main lot for Happy Days Lodge, 500 West Streetsboro Road, Peninsula 44264. Walk to the trailhead bulletin board in the back.
Boston Run Trail explores a headwater stream that flows into the Cuyahoga River.
Ohio and Erie Canalway National Heritage Area

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Access Boston Run Trail in the far corner of the main parking lot for Happy Days Lodge. This 3.1-mile loop trail explores Boston Run, one of many headwater streams that flow into the Cuyahoga River. The stream comes in and out of view as the trail winds along serene ravines and ridges.

Along the way, notice how the surrounding forest shades the stream. Cool water temperatures allow pollution-sensitive salamanders and the tiny insects they eat to survive. The roots of the oak, maple, beech, and tulip trees hold soil in place and soak up excess water, reducing downstream flooding.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Last updated: April 23, 2021