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Quarry site showing the quartzite wall and quartzite rubble pile.
Quarry site showing the quartzite wall and quartzite rubble pile.

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For centuries, tribes across North America traveled to this site to quarry red pipestone for making pipes and effigies from the easily carved material. Today, they still travel long distances to quarry this sacred stone and continue the tradition of pipemaking. Red pipestone is a valuable spiritual resource to many American Indians.

Pipestone National Monument offers an opportunity to explore unique cultural and natural resources. View active quarry pits where American Indians continue the traditions of the past by quarrying pipestone. Continue with the nature walk on the Circle Trail to see historical markers, unique quartzite rock formations, and Winnewissa Falls. The quarries are surrounded with many varieties of flowers and grasses growing in the native tallgrass prairie. See Things to Do.

The park grounds are open year-round. There is no entrance fee required at this time to access the Visitor Center, the Circle Trail, or the Three Maidens picnic area.

See Basic Information, for information on bringing pets, using wheelchairs, safety, and weather conditions.

Pipestone National Monument is located in Southwestern Minnesota. See Directions.

Last updated: December 10, 2018

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