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Petersburg National Battlefield Site Bulletins


Park Brochures & Videos
Our park site bulletins are available at each visitor center. Each visitor center also features a video which provides more details about the significance of each site. However, if you're doing a little pre-visit prep or if you happen to arrive when our visitor centers are closed, feel free to click on a links below to view our site bulletins and videos.

Eastern Front Visitor Center - Driving Tour Map (pdf 923 KB)
Video: "Endurance Without Relief" (mp4, 19 min., 18 sec.) Video describes living conditions and events associated with the Siege of Petersburg

General Grant's Headquarters Unit (Site Bulletin: pdf 680 KB)
Video: "A Mere Question of Time" (mp4, 15 min., 17 sec.) Video explains the significance of City Point during the Siege of Petersburg including army logistics, Confederate spy, John Maxwell's effort to destroy the ordnance wharf (Aug., 1864) and Pres. Lincoln's visit to City Point (March/April, 1865).

Five Forks Battlefield (Site Bulletin: pdf 563 KB)
Video: Battle of Five Forks (mp4, 12 min., 22 sec.) Park Ranger Tracy Chernault narrates this video which sheds light on the importance of the April 1, 1865 Battle of Five Forks.

Poplar Grove National Cemetery (Site Bulletin: pdf 520 KB)

Trail Maps:
Eastern Front Unit (jpg, 1704 KB)
Five Forks Battlefield (pdf, 3818)


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