Benjamin Brown

Silhouette of man, with gold crossed rifles and 24 above the cross, and C below.

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Quick Facts
Buffalo Soldier, Medal of Honor recepient
Place of Birth:
Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Date of Birth:
Place of Death:
Soldiers' Home, Washington, DC
Date of Death:
September 5, 1910
Place of Burial:
Section K, Site 7519
Cemetery Name:
US Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery, Washington, DC

Benjamin Brown was born in Spotsylvania County, Virigina, shortly before the beginning of the Civil War. He enlisted in the Army, and served in Companies C and H, as well as the Band, in the 24th Infantry. Over his career, Brown held the ranks of Private, Corporal, Sergeant, and Drum Major. All of his discharge records cite his character as either "Very Good" or "Excellent." 

During an 1889 robbery in Arizona, known as the Wham Robbery, Brown fought valiantly, “although shot in the abdomen, in a fight between a paymaster's escort and robbers, [he] did not leave the field until again wounded through both arms.” Despite his efforts, as well as those of the other escorts, $28,000 was stolen and never recovered. Brown was given the Medal of Honor in 1890, and retired from the Army, due to a stroke, in 1905.

Brown never married and spent the rest of his life at the U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home in Washington, DC, and is buried there

Brown served across the country, and the world:

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