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Breeches, Blouses, and Skirts




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National Park Service Uniforms
Breeches, Blouses, and Skirts 1918-1991
Number 4

Breeches, Blouses, and Skirts (continued)
Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns staff, c. 1930s
c. 1930s.
These two women are wearing the standard coat, one cut on the woman's pattern, the other on the man's. Both are wearing white stockings. The woman on the left is wearing a patch of some kind on her right sleeve, but it doesn't appear to be a ranger brassard. Shoes are heavyduty serviceable type.

Carlsbad Caverns staff, 1937
This woman ranger is wearing a man's style coat with a chic little hat perched on her head.

Lila Michelsen
Lila Michelsen, guide at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, 1931.
Michaelsen is wearing a standard (men's) coat with a skirt. Badge is probably PARK RANGER.
NPSHC-T.C. Worley Photo-CACA#3534

Lila Michelsen
Lila (Michaelsen) Hansen. This photograph of Michaelsen, now Hansen, shows her wearing what may be the hat prescribed in the 1947 Uniform Regulations. "Soft felt hat with small snap brim, turned up at back and sides and down over the forehead in front, in matching color with narrow grosgrain ribbon on dark green color." But, since it's the only known image of anyone wearing this particular hat, we can't be sure. This shows the USNPS starting to be worn by women on their hats.

Guides at Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Guides at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, 1932.
These women were classified as guides, although one (second from left) is wearing a ranger brassard. Most images of women in Park Service uniform from this period were taken at this site, due to the number employed there. Thomas Boles, superintendent, (1927-1946) is standing in the center.

Carlsbad Caverns staff, 1939
Overseas caps apparently were in vogue prior to WW II. Three women are shown here wearing WW I versions in 1939, while Appell appears to have on a beret. Left to Right: Marguerite Walker, Myra Appell, Lizzie Bee Harris, Anita Armstrong.

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