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Chapter One: A Monument in Waiting: Environment and Ethnicity in the Tularosa Basin

Chapter Two: The Politics of Monument-Building: White Sands, 1898-1933

Chapter Three: New Deal, New Monument, New Mexico, 1933-1939

Chapter Four: Global War at White Sands, 1940-1945

Chapter Five: Baby Boom, Sunbelt Boom, Sonic Boom: The Dunes in the Cold War Era, 1945-1970

Chapter Six: A Brave New World: White Sands and the Close of the 20th Century, 1970-1994


Figure 1. Dune Pedestal
Figure 2. Selenite crystal formation at Lake Lucero
Figure 3. Cave formation, Lake Lucero
Figure 4. Cactus growth
Figure 5. Desert lizard
Figure 6. Visitors to White Sands Dunes (1904)
Figure 7. Frank and Hazel Ridinger's White Sands Motel (1930s)
Figure 8. Roadside sign for White Sands west of Alamogordo (1930)
Figure 9. Early registration booth (restroom in background) (1930s)
Figure 10. Grinding stone unearthed at Blazer's Mill on Mescalero Apache Reservation (1930s)
Figure 11. Nineteenth-Century Spanish carreta and replica in Visitors Center Courtyard (1930s)
Figure 12. Pouring gypsum for road shoulder construction (1930s)
Figure 13. Blading gypsum road into the heart of the sands (1930s)
Figure 14. Hazards of road grading (1930s)
Figure 15. Adobe style of construction by New Deal Agency Work Crews (1930s)
Figure 16. Hispanic woodcarvers making corbels for Visitor Center (1930s)
Figure 17. Patrolling the dunes (1930s)
Figure 18. Rock Island railroad window display, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL (1938)
Figure 19. High School girls' softball game (1930s)
Figure 20. Skiers at dunes (1930s)
Figure 21. Woman "Skiing" on Alkali Flats Lake Bed (1930s)
Figure 22. Interior Department vehicle on inspection tour (1930s)
Figure 23. Alamogordo High School Marching Band at "Play Day" Festivities (1930s)
Figure 24. Tom Charles' touring car for The White Sands Service Company (1930s)
Figure 25. Oliver Lee ranch house, Dog Canyon (1930s)
Figure 26. Drilling for water at Garton Lake (1930s)
Figure 27. L.L. Garton Ranch House (1930s)
Figure 28. White Sands, New Mexico. Laura Gilpin (1945)
Figure 29. White Sands, Laura Gilpin (1943)
Figure 30. U.S. Army Engineer Battalion marching across dunes (1943)
Figure 31. World War II—Era troops at picnic in the dunes (1940s)
Figure 32. Bomb crater in dunes (1940s)
Figure 33. Clay-plated road washed out by heavy rains (1940s)
Figure 34. Medical Corps officers and wives on vacation in World War II at White Sands (1940s)
Figure 35. Army Officers' wives at United Service Organization (USO) picnic in World War II (1940s)
Figure 36. Play day picnic (1946)
Figure 37. McDonald Ranch (1945)
Figure 38. Activity at base of Trinity Site Tower (1945)
Figure 39. Jumbo moving to Trinity Test Site (1945)
Figure 40. Gadget tower prior to detonation at Trinity Site (1945)
Figure 41. General view of McDonald Ranch Headquarters from top of old well derrick (April 1945)
Figure 42. Special tank out-fitted for soil sample collection (1945)
Figure 43. Jumbo being loaded on freight car near Socorro with trailer frame in background (1945)
Figure 44. New Mexico atomic jewelry (1945)
Figure 45. Blueprint for Atomic Bomb National Monument (1946)
Figure 46. Children playing on V-2 German rocket on display in dune (1940s)
Figure 47. Summer picnickers (1930s)
Figure 48. Women golfers (1950s)
Figure 49. Crumbling adobe at Visitors Center in need of repair (1950s)
Figure 50. Ranger checking stream gauge in Dog Canyon (1950s)
Figure 51. Scarcity of water in dunes required use of aging tanker trucks (1950s)
Figure 52. Boy School Jamboree in the dunes (1950s)
Figure 53. Greeting visitors at old portal entrance at Visitors Center (1960)
Figure 54. Desert maneuvers by the U.S. Army (1960s)
Figure 55. Visitors preparing for nature trail hike (1970s)
Figure 56. Expanded museum displays in Visitors Center (1970s)
Figure 57. Science class participant in Environmental Study Area (ESA) Program (1970s)
Figure 58. Opening reception for White Sands Juried Art Exhibit (1970s)
Figure 59. Indian dancers prepare for performance (1970s)
Figure 60. Dunes wedding (1970s)
Figure 61. Horseback patrol (1970s)
Figure 62. Ranger patrol (1980s)
Figure 63. Filming a car commercial (1980s)
Figure 64. Proposed Trinity National Historic Site (1969)

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