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The author would like to thank the many individuals and organizations that expedited the research and writing of this manuscript. These include Dennis Ditmanson, superintendent of White Sands National Monument, and staff members Bill Fuchs, John Mangimeli, Paul Menard, and Jerry Yarbrough (now superintendent of Fort Davis National Historic Site). In the Southwest Region of the NPS, Santa Fe, the author wishes to thank Neil Mangum, Regional Historian, his assistant Art Gomez, his secretary Jo Ann Ortiz, Stella Moya, and Amalin Ferguson, Regional Librarian. At the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives, Santa Fe, thanks go to Richard Salazar and Alvin Regensberg. Austin Hoover, director of the Rio Grande Collections at the New Mexico State University Library, also provided valuable assistance. The National Archives and Records Administration staff in Denver is to be thanked, including Joel Barker, Eileen Bolger, and Joan Howard of the Archives, and Robert Svenningsen of the Federal Records Center. Valuable assistance also came from staffers at the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC, especially Robert Kvasnicka. Finally, thanks go to my wife, Cynthia, and daughter, Jacquie, whose patience and good cheer made research and writing much more enjoyable.

Michael Welsh
Greeley, Colorado
April 1995

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