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The Field Of Education In The National Parks

The Educational Program And Its Place In National Parks Administration

Museums In The National Parks

Planning A Park Museum

Museum Technique

Administration Of Park Museums

Nature Trails

Exhibits In Place

Guiding In The National Parks

Lectures In National Parks

Scientific Aspects Of The Park Protection Program

The Research Program In The National Parks

Use Of Recorded Scientific Data

Research Reserves


Libraries In The National Parks

Photography And Visual Education

General Administrative Problems

Proceedings Of The First Park Naturalists' Training Conference Held At Educational Headquarters, Berkeley, California:
November 1-30, 1929
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November 14, 1929

1. The Place of the Nature Trail in the Park Educational ProgramGeorge Collins
2. Planning and Reconnaissance for a Nature TrailC. A. Harwell
3. Establishment of a Nature Trail - (Including Principles of Labeling)Dorr G. Yeager
4. What Illustrative Materials should be Used in Establishing a Nature Trail?Frank T. Been
5. Maintenance and Use of Nature TrailsC. Frank Brockman
6. Reference on Nature Trails

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