Appalachian Cultural Resources Workshop Papers
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Cover photo from the Blue Ridge Parkway Archives. A 1941 view of Mabry Mill during restoration work.

An Overview Of The Workshop Proceedings
Ruthanne Livaditis Mitchell

Historical Significance Of The Blue Ridge Parkway
Ian Firth

The Peaks of Otter And The Johnson Farm On The Blue Ridge Parkway
Jean Haskell Speer

Identification And Preservation Of Nineteenth And Twentieth Century Homesites In The Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests
Rodney J. Snedeker and Michael A. Harmon

Rural Historic Landscapes And Interpretive Planning On Our Southern National Forests
Delce Dyer and Quentin Bass

Fish Weirs As Part Of The Cultural Landscape
Anne Frazer Rogers

Southern Appalachia And The New South Ideal: Asheville As A Case Study In Development
Kent Cave

Cumberland Homesteads, A Resettlement Community Of The Depression
Liz Straw

Coal Mining In The Cumberland Plateau. 1880-1930
James B. Jones, Jr.

The Evaluation Process—Tennessee's Historic Iron Industry
Claudette Stager

Creating Successful Communities: Integrating Local Strategies For Conservation and Economic Development
Luther Propst

TVA And Cultural Resources Planning
Charles Tichy

The Georgia Planning Act of 1989: An Opportunity for Community Preservation
Karen Easter

Cumberland Gap: A New Beginning
Daniel Brown

Southern Arts Federation
Peggy Bulger

The Role Of The Museum Of The Cherokee Indian And The Qualla Arts And Crafts Mutual
Ken Blankenship and Molly Blankenship

Promoting Southern Cultural Heritage
Linda Caldwell

Thoughts On The Development Of A Regional Approach To Cultural Resources Management Planning In The Southern Appalachian Region
James B. Jones

This publication was funded in part by the Cultural Resources Training Initiative, Preservation Assistance Division, National Park Service

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