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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' 9-Foot Channel Project on the Upper Mississippi River
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Lock and Dam No. 6, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, December 1936. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District)



I. Early Navigation on the Upper Mississippi River

II. The 1920s: Roots of the 9-Foot Channel Project

III. Opposition to the Channel

IV. Building a Slack-Water System on the Upper Mississippi The Ohio River 9-Foot Channel Project

V. 1929-1933: The Project Begins

VI. 1933: The New Deal and a New Emphasis on Public Employment

VII. From Rollers to Tainters: The Changing Technology of the 9-Foot Channel Project

The Locks and Dams of the 9-Foot Channel
Roller Gates
Tainter Gates
Architecture of the 9-Foot Channel Project
Buildings and Esplanades

VIII. Case Study: The Construction of Lock and Dam No. 26

Authorization and Site Selection
Construction of the Main Lock
Construction of the Auxiliary Lock
Construction of Dam No. 26

IX. The 9-Foot Channel After World War II

Lock No. 27, Chain of Rocks Canal, and Dam No. 27
Lock No. 19
Lock and Dam No. 26R
Upper and Lower St. Anthony Falls Locks and Dams

X. The Locks and Dams--and Those Who Built Them

St. Paul District
Rock Island District
St. Louis District


Index (omitted from the online edition)


Construction Drawing of Tainter Gate, Dam No. 8, June 1935. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St.Paul District) (click on image for a PDF version)

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