National Capital Parks
A History
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Chapter I: Parks Of The National Capital, 1790-1867

Original Three Federal Commissioners
L'Enfant Plan
White House
Superintendent of Public Buildings
Commissioner of Public Buildings
Interior Department Assumes Control

Chapter II: Parks Of The National Capital, 1867-1933

Officer in Charge of Public Buildings and Grounds, 1867-1925
Federal Control of Parks Clearly Defined Rock Creek Park
McMillan Park Commission
McMillan Plan
East and West Potomac Parks
Congressional Action in development of the National Capital
Lincoln Memorial
Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway
Arlington Memorial Amphitheater
United States Park Police
National Character of Parks
Definition of National Capital Parks
System Director of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital, 1925-1933
National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Arlington Memorial Bridge
Mount Vernon Memorial Highway
Regional Park System

Chapter III: Parks Of The National Capital, 1933-1951

Superintendent of National Capital Parks
Title of "National Capital Parks" first used
General Organization
Duties of the Superintendent
Civilian Conservation Corps
Naturalist Division
National Memorials and Historic Sites Division
N. C. P. Greenhouses
Recreation Division
Legal Division
Special Problems
Important Developments, 1933-1951
Acquisitions, 1933-1951
Fort Washington
National Memorials and Historic Sites
Fort Stevens
Restoration of Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
Construction and Repair
Horticultural Work
United States Park Police
Park Use
Supervision of Park Events
National Community Christmas Tree
Memorial Services
Great Falls, Maryland
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Jose Artigas Statue
Arlington Memorial Bridge Plaza Statuary
Rehabilitation of Small Parks
Carter Barron Memorial Amphitheater
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Baltimore—Washington Parkway
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Parkway
Forts Drive
Important features of Park System
Capper-Crampton act
Evaluation of National Capital Parks




1. List of Officers of National Capital Parks, 1791-1951

2. Personnel of National Capital Parks, 1791-1951

3. Appropriations and Expenditures, 1791-1951

4. Statues, Monuments, and Memorials in National Capital Parks

5. Reservation List of National Capital Parks (omitted)

6. Population Growth of the City of Washington, 1800-1950



1. The L'Enfant Map of Washington
2. The White House
3. Rock Creek Park
4. Cherry Blossom Time
5. The Lincoln Memorial
6. Meridian Hill Park
7. Map of the City of Washington, 1894
8. Mount Vernon Memorial Highway
9. CCC Construction of Parking Area at Roaches Run
10. Greenhouses
11. Bicycling in East Potomac Park
12. Water Lilies at Kenilworth
13. Restoration work on Lock 16 of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
14. A Roads and Trails project in Rock Creek
15. The United States Park Police, "The City' s Finest"
16. The Celebration for Admiral Nimitz
17. Fourth of July Celebration
18. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Museum
19. Navy-Marine Memorial
20. Arlington Memorial Bridge Plaza Statuary
21.A Naturalist at Work
22.A Historical Walk
23.Carter Barron Memorial Amphitheater

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