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National Park System Additions 1933-51

June 16Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia (acquired 1936)
Aug. 22Cedar Breaks NM, Utah
May 30Everglades NP, Florida
June 14Ocmulgee NM, Georgia
June 19Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee (acquired 1938)
June 21Monocacy NMP, Maryland (reauthorized and redesignated a NB 1976)
June 26Thomas Jefferson Memorial, District of Columbia (dedicated 1943)
Jan. 4Fort Jefferson NM, Florida (redesignated Dry Tortugas NP 1992)
June 20Big Bend NP, Texas
Aug. 21Historic Sites Act
Aug. 21Fort Stanwix NM, New York (acquired 1973)
Aug. 27Ackia Battleground NM, Mississippi (incorporated in Natchez Trace Parkway 1961)
Aug. 29Andrew Johnson NM, Tennessee (redesignated a NHS 1963)
Dec. 20Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Missouri (Gateway Arch authorized 1954, dedicated 1968)
March 2Richmond NBP, Virginia
March 19Homestead NM of America, Nebraska
May 26Fort Frederica NM, Georgia
June 2Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial NM, Ohio (redesignated Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial 1972)
June 23Park, Parkway, and Recreation Area Study Act
June 29Whitman Mission NM, Washington (redesignated a NHS 1963)
Aug. 16Joshua Tree NM, California (incorporated in Joshua Tree NP 1994)
Oct. 13Boulder Dam NRA, Nevada and Arizona (redesignated Lake Mead NRA 1947)
Nov. 14Bull Run Recreational Demonstration Area, Virginia (redesignated Manassas NBP 1940)
Nov. 14Catoctin Recreational Demonstration Area, Maryland (redesignated Catoctin Mountain Park 1954)
Nov. 14Chopawamsic Recreational Demonstration Area, Virginia (redesignated Prince William Forest Park 1948)
Jan. 22Zion NM, Utah (incorporated in Zion NP 1956)
April 13Organ Pipe Cactus NM, Arizona
Aug. 2Capitol Reef NM, Utah (redesignated a NP 1971)
Aug. 17Cape Hatteras NS, North Carolina
Aug. 25Pipestone NM, Minnesota
March 17Salem Maritime NHS, Massachusetts
April 26Channel Islands NM, California (incorporated in Channel Islands NP 1980)
June 1Saratoga NHP, New York
June 29Olympic NP, Washington (incorporated Mount Olympus NM)
July 16Fort Laramie NM, Wyoming (redesignated a NHS 1960)
Aug. 3Hopewell Village NHS, Pennsylvania (redesignated Hopewell Furnace NHS 1985)
Sept. 23Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, District of Columbia, Maryland, and West Virginia (date acquired; designated a NM 1961; incorporated in Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP 1971)
May 17Santa Rosa Island NM, Florida (abolished 1946; island included in Gulf Islands NS 1971)
May 26Federal Hall Memorial NHS, New York (redesignated Federal Hall NMem 1955)
May 26Philadelphia Custom House NHS, Pennsylvania (incorporated in Independence NHP 1959)
July 1Mount Rushmore NMem, South Dakota (date acquired)
July 25Tuzigoot NM, Arizona
March 4Kings Canyon NP, California (incorporated General Grant NP)
June 11Cumberland Gap NHP, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee
July 1National Cemetery of Custer's Battlefield Reservation, Montana (date acquired; redesignated Custer Battlefield NM 1946; redesignated Little Bighorn Battlefield NM 1991)
Aug. 12Fort Washington Park, Maryland
Dec. 18Vanderbilt Mansion NHS, New York
April 5Fort Raleigh NHS, North Carolina
March 15Jackson Hole NM, Wyoming (incorporated in Grand Teton NP 1950)
July 14George Washington Carver NM, Missouri
Jan. 15Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt NHS, New York
June 30Harpers Ferry NM, West Virginia and Maryland (redesignated a NHP 1963)
Oct. 13Atlanta Campaign NHS, Georgia (abolished 1950)
May 22Millerton Lake Recreation Area, California (abolished 1957)
May 22Shasta Lake Recreation Area, California (transferred to Forest Service 1948)
April 18Lake Texoma Recreation Area, Oklahoma and Texas (transferred to Corps of Engineers 1949)
Aug. 12Castle Clinton NM, New York
Dec. 9Adams Mansion NHS, Massachusetts (redesignated Adams NHS 1952; redesignated Adams NHP 1998)
Dec. 18Coulee Dam NRA, Washington (redesignated Lake Roosevelt NRA 1997)
April 25Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park, North Dakota (redesignated a NP 1978)
March 11DeSoto NMem, Florida
April 28Fort Sumter NM, South Carolina
June 19Fort Vancouver NM, Washington (redesignated a NHS 1961)
June 22Hampton NHS, Maryland
June 28Independence NHP, Pennsylvania (incorporated Independence Hall NHS, designated 1943)
Feb. 14San Juan NHS, Puerto Rico
June 8Saint Croix Island NM, Maine (redesignated an International Historic Site 1984)
Aug. 17Suitland Parkway, Maryland and District of Columbia (date acquired; incorporated in National Capital Parks 1975)
Oct. 25Effigy Mounds NM, Iowa
Aug. 3Baltimore-Washington Parkway, Maryland (date acquired; incorporated in National Capital Parks 1975)
Aug. 3Greenbelt Park, Maryland
Sept. 14Grand Teton NP, Wyoming (incorporated 1929 NP and Jackson Hole NM)
Sept. 21Fort Caroline NMem, Florida

Abbreviations Used in the Table

NB National Battlefield
NBP National Battlefield Park
NBS National Battlefield Site
NHP National Historical Park
NHS National Historic Site
NL National Lakeshore
NM National Monument
NMem National Memorial
NMP National Military Park
NP National Park
NPres National Preserve
NR National River
NRA National Recreation Area
NS National Seashore
NSR National Scenic River [changed from Riverway]
NST National Scenic Trail
WSR Wild and Scenic River

map of parks added 1933-1951

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