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List of Illustrations

List of Maps

Chronology of Important Events


A Brief History of the Hawai'ian islands

Leprosy Through the Ages

Leprosy in Hawai'i

The Island of Moloka'i

Kalaupapa Peninsula

Kalawao Settlement, Pioneer Period, 1866-1873

Kalawao Settlement Period, 1874-1900

United States Leprosy Investigation Station

Pioneer Kalaupapa Settlement Period, 1900-1929

Kalaupapa Settlement Revitalization Period, 1931-1938

Summary of Building Construction at Kalaupapa Settlement During

Kalaupapa Settlement, 1940-1980

Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Summary of Historical Sites and Structures and Evaluations of

Recommendations for Interpretation and Resources Management

Conclusions and Recommendations for Further Study

Historical Base Maps


Glossary of Hawai’ian Words






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National Historical Park : KALAUPAPA



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Linda W. Greene




September 1985



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