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Hovenweep National Monument photo: Hovenweep House


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      Rectangular ruins of the pure type
Goodman Point Ruin
Johnson Ruin
Bug Mesa Ruin
Mitchell Spring Ruin
Mud Spring (Burkhardt) Ruin
Ruin with semicircular core
Wolley Ranch Ruin
Blanchard Ruin
Ruins at Aztec Spring
Great open-air ruins south and southwest of Dove Creek post office
Squaw Point Ruin
Acmen Ruin
Oak Spring House
Ruin in Ruin Canyon
Cannonball Ruin
      Circular ruins with peripheral compartments
Wood Canyon Ruins
Butte Ruin
Emerson Ruin
Escalante Ruin
Cliff-dwellings in Sand Canyon
Double cliff-house
Scaffold in Sand Canyon
Unit-type houses in caves
Cliff-houses in Lost Canyon
   Great houses and towers
Structure of towers
Hovenweep district
   Ruin Canyon
   Square Tower Canyon
   Classification of ruins in Square Tower Canyon
   Hovenweep House (Ruin 1)
   Hovenweep Castle
      Western section of Hovenweep Castle
      Eastern section of Hovenweep Castle
   Ruin 3
   Ruin 4
   Ruin 5
   Ruin 6
   Eroded bowlder house (Ruin 7)
   Twin Towers (Ruin 8)
   Ruin 9
   Unit-type House (Ruin 10)
   Stronghold House (Ruin 11)
   Ruins in Holly Canyon
      Ruin A, Great House, Hackberry Castle
      Towers [C and D]
      Holly House
   Ruins in Hackberry Canyon
      Horseshoe House
Towers in the Main Yellow Jacket Canyon
   Davis Tower
   Lion (Littrell) Tower
McLean Basin
Tower in Sand Canyon
Towers in Road (Wickyup) Canyon
Towers of the Mancos
   Holmes Tower
   Towers on the Mancos River below the bridge
      Tower A
      Tower B
Megalithic and slab house ruins at McElmo Bluff

Grass Mesa Cemetery



Minor antiquities

Historic remains


Index (omitted from the online edition)



1. a, Butte Ruin. b, Aztec Spring Ruin. c, Surouaro, Yellow Jacket Spring Ruin.
2. a, Blanchard Ruin. b, Blanchard Ruin, Mound 2. c, Surouaro, Yellow Jacket Spring Ruin.
3. a, Acmen Ruin. b, Mud Spring Ruin.
4. a, Building on rock pinnacle, near Stone Arch, Sand Canyon. b, Stone Arch, Sand Canyon.
5. a, Tower in Sand Canyon. b, Unit-type House in Sand Canyon.
6. a, Stone Arch House, Sand Canyon. b, Cliff-house, showing broken corner.
7. a, Scaffold in Sand Canyon. b, Storage cist in Mancos Valley. c, Pictographs near Unit-type House in cave.
8. a Double cliff-dwelling, Sand Canyon.
9. a, Cliff-dwelling under Horseshoe Ruin. b, Cliff-dwelling, Ruin Canyon.
10. a, Kiva of cliff ruin, Lost Canyon. b, Cliff ruin, Lost Canyon.
11. a, Square Tower in Square Tower Canyon. b, Tower in McLean Basin. c, Ruin in Hill Canyon, Utah.
12. a Head of South Fork, Square Tower Canyon.
13. a North Fork of Square Tower Canyon, looking west.
14. a, Hovenweep House and Hovenweep Castle, from the south. b, Hovenweep Castle, from the west. c, Hovenweep Castle, from the south.
15. a, West end of Twin Tower, showing small cliff-house. b, Twin Towers, Square Tower Canyon, from the south. c, Tower 4, junction of North and South Forks, Square Tower Canyon.
16. a, Hovenweep Castle, with Sleeping Ute Mountain, South Fork, Square Tower Canyon. b, Entrance to South Fork, Square Tower Canyon.
17. a Stronghold House, Square Tower Canyon.
18. a, Head of Holly Canyon. b, South side of Hovenweep Castle, Square Tower Canyon.
19. a, Holly Canyon group, from the east. b, Great House at head of Holly Canyon, from the north. c, Unit-type Ruin, from the east.
20. a, Great House at head of Holly Canyon, from the south. b, Ruin B at head of Holly Canyon, from the west. c, Great House at head of Holly Canyon.
21. a, Great House, Holly Canyon. b, Stronghold House and Twin Towers, Square Tower Canyon.
22. a, Hovenweep Castle. b, Southern part of Cannonball Ruin, McElmo Canyon.
23. a, Square tower with rounded corners, Holly Canyon. b, Holly Tower in Holly Canyon. c, Horseshoe House.
24. a, Horseshoe Ruin. b, Bowlder Castle, Road (Wickyup) Canyon.
25. a, Closed doorway in Bowlder Castle, Road (Wickyup) Canyon. b, Broken-down round tower, Square Tower Canyon.
26. a, North side of tower, Square Tower Canyon. b, D-shaped tower near Davis ranch, Yellow Jacket Canyon. c, Model of towers in McLean Basin.
27. a Round tower and D-shaped tower in McLean Basin.
28. a, D-shaped tower in McLean Basin, showing cross section of wall. b, Round tower in McLean Basin, showing standing stone slab.
29. a, Holmes Tower, Mancos Canyon. b, Lion Tower, Yellow Jacket Canyon.
30. a, Tower above cavate storehouses, Mancos Canyon, below bridge. b, Tower on mesa between eroded cliffs and bridge over Mancos Canyon, on Cortez Shiprock Road.
31. a, Tower above cavate storehouses, Mancos Canyon, below bridge. b, Eroded shale formation in which are small walled cavate storehouses.
32. a, Reservoir near Picket corral, showing retaining wall. b, Kiva, Unit-type House, Square Tower Canyon.
33. a Pictographs, Yellow Jacket Canyon.


1. Ground plan of Aztec Spring Ruin
2. Ground plan of Wood Canyon Ruin
3. Metes and bounds of Emerson Ruin
4. Schematic ground plan of Emerson Ruin
5. Ground plan of Unit-type House in cave
6. Square Tower Canyon
7. Ground plan of Hovenweep House
8. Ground plan of Hovenweep Castle
9. Ground plan of Twin Towers
10. Ground plan of Unit-type House
11. Holly Canyon Ruins
12. Horseshoe (Hackberry) Canyon
13. Ground plan of Horseshoe House
14. Ground plan of Davis Ruin
15. Ground plan of Lion House
16. Ground plan of ruin with towers in McLean Basin
17. Doorway in Round Tower, Mc Lean Basin
18. Megalithic stone inclosure, McElmo Bluff
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