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FOREWORD, by Superintendent Jack Neckels



CHAPTER 1: The Natural Setting

CHAPTER 2: The Prehistoric Peoples of Jackson Hole By Stephanie Crockett

CHAPTER 3: The Fur Trappers

CHAPTER 4: Explorers and Scientists

CHAPTER 5: Prospectors and Miners

CHAPTER 6: The Pioneers: Homesteading in Jackson Hole, 1884-1900

CHAPTER 7: The Census of 1900: Profile of a Frontier Community

CHAPTER 8: The Homesteaders: Post-1900

CHAPTER 9: Life on the Homestead

CHAPTER 10: Cattle Ranchers

CHAPTER 11: Reclamation and Irrigation

CHAPTER 12: The Transportation Frontier

CHAPTER 13: The Communities of Jackson Hole

CHAPTER 14: The Dude Wranglers

CHAPTER 15: Tourists

CHAPTER 16: Park of the Matterhorns By Reynold C. Jackson

CHAPTER 17: Conservationists

CHAPTER 18: Picturing Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park By William H Goetzmann

CHAPTER 19: Conclusion





INDEX (omitted from the online edition)

To Chuck McCurdy, thanks for the chance.
To my wife, Susan, and my daughters, Laura and Elizabeth,
for their love and support. — The Author

A Special Thank You To
The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum.

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