Through The Years In Glacier National Park
An Administrative History
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Cover photo: Old buses at Sherburne Lake


Chapter I: Discovery and Exploration

Geographical Significance
Territorial Claims And Ownership
Early Approach To The Area
Exploration And Survey
The Coming Of The Railroads
The Mining And Oil Period
Voyage Of The Steamer "Oakes"

Chapter II: National Park Movement

Early Land Withdrawals
Establishment Of The Park

Chapter III: History As A National Park

The Administrative Story
Visitor Use Of The Area
Notable Forest Fires
Roads And Trails
Going-To-The-Sun Road
Dedication Ceremonies At Logan Pass
International Peace Park
Civilian Public Works Program
Threats To The Unity Of The Park
Mission 66


Selected References

Appendix A: Historic Place Names

Appendix B: List of Superintendents

Appendix C: List of Principal Interpretive Personnel

Appendix D: Visitation Statistics

Through The Years in Glacier National Park
An Administrative History

Donald H. Robinson
Formerly Assistant Chief Park Naturalist
at Glacier National Park

with Editing
and New Material
Maynard C. Bowers
Seasonal Park Naturalist

Published by
Glacier Natural History Association, Inc.
In Cooperation with the
National Park Service

Copyright © Glacier Natural History Association, Inc.
Bulletin No. 8

May, 1960
First Reprint, January 1962
Second Reprint, May 1967

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