Fort Clatsop
Lewis and Clark Trail from Fort Clatsop to the Clatsop Plains
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Authority for and purpose of this study

Limitation of the scope of this study

Documentary account of the route

Clark's route correlated with present-day maps

Use of trail by Lewis and Clark party

Later history of the trail

Present-day description of the Lewis and Clark trail

Historical significance of the Lewis and Clark trail in relation to the purposes of the authorized Fort Clatsop National Memorial

Definition of portions of the trail recommended for inclusion in the Fort Clatsop National Memorial

Boundaries considered necessary to preserve a significant portion of the Lewis and Clark trail

Conclusions and recommendations



Memorandum - Herbert Maier, Acting Regional Director - Aug. 8, 1958

Letter - Roy E. Appleman, Staff Historian - Aug. 28, 1958

Photographs (omitted from on-line edition)

Maps (omitted from on-line edition)

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