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A. Southern Panamints and West Side Road (continued)

10. Other Mineral Deposits in Warm Spring Canyon

a) Barite

A Warm Springs Canyon Barite Deposit, comprising six claims on the eastern Panamint slope in Warm Spring Canyon, is listed as being active in 1938. The deposit was located at an elevation of 3,000 feet and was owned by Harry P. Gower and Owen Montgomery of Death Valley Junction. This discovery had been made in 1937 and was being developed by three men by means of open cuts along the surface. [278]

b) Fluorite

A Warm Springs Canyon Deposit of four claims in Warm Spring Canyon, owned by Owen Montgomery, was idle except for assessment work in 1938. Open cuts along the surface had traced the deposit, and about 100 feet of tunnel work had been done. This probably refers to the Pink Elephant Group. [279]

c) Wollastonite Feldspar and Mercury

Four claims located for these minerals along Warm Spring Canyon are held by Ralph Harris of the Victor Material Co. of Victorville, California. They are the Contact #l and #2 (wollastonite), the Spar #1 (feldspar), and the Louricha (mercury). No economic showing has been evidenced on any of these claims.

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